In May 16th 1999, my father’s  friend lost his violin, it was taken on Sunday night, from Mount Olive Church, Minneapolis.
It was never found back. I took over the website to write about a history of these beautiful instruments- violins.

The stolen violin was done by J B Guadagnini, Turin.   Bears his label dated 1778. A typical example of the period. Varnish of a red brown color. The belly is spruce with open grain. One piece back of maple. Added pieces in the lower flanks by the maker. The wood of the head is similar with winder curls to the maple and matches the ribs. Violin originally from the collection of George Hart. Instrument listed in the Doring book on Guadagnini (The EX HART)

STOLEN WITH VUILLAUME BOW. Unstamped with black lizard skin thumb leather and hand guard in the same material. Pemumbuco, round stick, silver and ebony frog (Vuillaume style) pearl eyes. Stolen with brown rectangular case.

If you ever see it please return it!