Learning to Play the Violin

Learning to play the violin can be very well possible if you keep five things in mind. Whenever you learn anything you have to follow basic guidelines, whether you are experienced or a beginner, you have to follow the basics well.

If you will ignore the basics, you will never able to learn the violin with proper technique. Learning to play the violin involves both mental and physical activity. Mentally it involves strategy, solid determination, and true commitment.

Physically it involves dexterity, muscle activity, and involvement of your eyes and hands. Here are five important things that you can not ignore to learn to play the violin in a perfect way. These are as follows.

  1. The first and most important thing that you need to learn to play the violin is that you have to buy your own violin. I have heard from many people who have the passion to learn to play the violin the question “shall we buy our own violin or shall we rent it?” The answer is that if you will do just a part-time effort, you will only be able to get part-time results but once you buy your own violin, you will try to give your hundred percent with it and you will keep practicing to produce wonderful tunes with it and maintaining your violin will also teach you more about the instrument. With your own violin, you will be able to practice more with it and you will have more intermittent lessons with it.
  2. The second and the most important thing is to practice with your violin regularly. You must commit yourself to practicing the violin for a certain number of hours each week while learning how to use the right rosin. Make your schedule because it’s better to write down how many hours you will spend on practicing your skills and the instrument.
  3. I recommend you find a quiet and peaceful area in your home and use it for practicing the violin. If you keep practicing the violin than you are definitely on the right path.
  4. Do not fear when fiddling with the violin. Always relax because your fingers cannot produce a good piece of music in tension. Therefore, it’s better to relax first and then start practicing.
  5. It’s important to take care of your instrument well and you need to learn how to tune your violin as well, even as a novice. If you will not take care of your instrument properly, you will not be able to produce good tunes with it and eventually, your instrument will sound terrible. Therefore you should take care of your instrument exactly like you would take care of something like your car.

Learning To Play The Violin Online Is Fun

Let me tell you something about the program I am using for learning how to play the violin.  Instead of overpaying some private violin lessons at local violin-master wannabees, I’ve chosen Eric Lewis – first violinist of the Manhattan String Quartet to teach me how to play the violin. And it only costs $29,95.

Learning violin doesn’t have to cost you a fortune

I had two goals while looking for the best learning violin solution. First of all, I wanted to learn the basics and start playing pieces of music of my favorite songs. Since I’m a busy mom, my time is very limited. I needed some kind of program that will allow me to learn the violin and choose the right bow at my own pace. Also, I couldn’t afford $1000 – $2000 for violin lessons like my local violin-guru-wannabee teachers are charging. And you really shouldn’t that much to learn the violin.

Second, my son who’s learning violin for two years now wanted to try something else. He was tired of his pretty arrogant violin teacher and asked me to find some kind of program that will give him the freedom to express, to improvise more and learn to play the violin from his memory.

You might think I need two completely different learning violin programs. I thought so too. But after two weeks of search, I found… The best method that beginners and advanced players will benefit from. These past two months of learning violin were truly great experience thanks to Eric’s learning system that teaches you how to become a confident performer. This pretty impressive package contains The Video Library, a set of 11 amazing video lessons will make you feel like you have Eric showing you how to play right there, in your room. I received plenty of new useful materials since I bought the program.

On top of all that, you will be offered with a 56-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. As you can see, after two months I’m still using this program and playing the violin better with each new day. See also this post: How to learn to play the violin on your own.

So many people will tell you, you can’t learn the violin on your own. Maybe they are jealous because they had to spend thousands of dollars and years of training in order to learn to play the violin. I know that Eric’s Violin Master Pro made learning violin extremely fun for me and my son. I learned to play violin decently in mere two months from the comfort of my home. You can do it too. Learning the violin on your own is EASY. Don’t let the haters put you down! If you really want to learn the violin, do it now!