Learning To Play The Violin From The Comfort Of Your Home

Just by deciding to learn the violin, you made a great, brave step. It is arguably the most sophisticated musical instrument in the world. The respect you gain once you learn to play the violin well is tremendous. However…

Learning violin is very, very hard…right? It takes a lot of time, a lot of money and it’s just so darn hard to master it, right? WRONG! Just take a look at this video and you’ll be amazed.

Well, many violin teachers are either very tense and harsh, or they simply don’t care enough to teach you well. But they all charged like they were seasoned orchestra pros. The single most important aspect of learning to play the violin successfully is your instructor. If you have some kind of beatnik violin player who never even played in an orchestra and doesn’t really care if will you ever learn … or some old, frustrated perfectionist teacher who will rip you apart for some minor mistake … then you’ll have a very tough time learning violin.

So if you ever felt like just giving up on learning violin, don’t! But know this: Once you master this wonderful instrument, you’ll get a tremendous respect from just about everybody. Your loved ones will admire your skills and love you for those special moments enriched by your beautiful music. Your friends will respect you for this awesome accomplishment and some will even envy you because you achieved something special, something they probably never will. Of course, the early stages will be a little hard, but you’ll get through.

And here’s the best part – learning violin isn’t that hard IF you have a great teacher. Let’s say a world-famous violinist… Now I know what you’re thinking – pros are charging few hundred dollars for a single hour of instructions. Sure, most of them do. But there is a better solution…

Eric Lewis, the world-famous violin player who normally charges around $250 per hour for violin instructions, had his very own instruction package instantly downloadable for only $27. Two years ago I learned to play guitar pretty darn well with the help of an online course from a highly respected professional player. So I thought to myself, there’s got to be a similar course for learning violin. After a few days of research, reading forums, blogs and talking to dozens of people online, I discovered just what I was looking for.

Now, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. Learning violin is not exactly as easy as learning guitar. So how much can a video course help me achieve my dream… But then again, there is a money back guarantee, so I thought to myself – what the heck, I can’t really lose here – so I bought the course. And keep in mind, when you master the violin, you may also easily learn how to play the mandolin as well.

Three months later, I’m doing a little private concert for my family, playing like a semi-pro and getting a standing ovation. Seeing the happiness and pride in the eyes of my family members is just priceless. This is all about practicing violin effectively in little time. And I’m not done yet – I practice every day because it’s just so fun and easy. Just by the first few minutes, you can see Eric is a real professional. He knows every little detail about violin and most importantly, he is a great teacher. There are dozens of hours of instructions in this amazing course, but every minute is so valuable and fun.

Learning violin was never this fun for me and I guess that’s the reason why I’m learning it so fast now. I also want to learn how to be a good performer and I guess that’s the secret of learning violin fast: A good teacher will make it fun to learn something. And learning violin with Eric is a blast.